Irises and Lily Pads Day 444 lo res

This is the last painting for Project 444.  It combines two of my favorites subjects, Irises, one of Van Gogh’s passions, and Lily Pads one of Monet’s.  I am overwhelmed at the sight of them, my heart wants to burst.  It is something you can’t contain, and it is fleeting, here for short while and gone. Buddhism advises a path of non-attachment.  Does that mean less feeling, forgoing exhilaration?  Or, does it mean living in the moment, each moment as it changes?  Van Gogh painted in the moment. It comes out in the brushwork. It’s what makes the painting so great, the immediacy of the emotion translates in the paint. Time stops. His heart burst onto the canvas.  It is surprising he lived as long as he did.  He poured his life energy into the work and when that was gone, so was he.